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There is this place I go

by Sahara
Released: Dec 15, 2012
Price: $8.49

Sahara Live @ The Malthouse

by Sahara
Released: Feb 12, 2013
Price: $8.49

A New Beginning

by Sahara
Released: Sep 20, 2012
Price: $8.49


by Sahara
Released: Feb 1, 2013
Price: $8.99

Genres: Celtic, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Jazz, Rock, Singer-songwriter, Smooth jazz
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Sahara is the award winning singer/songwriter team Trish and Dave Long who met in their hometown Dublin in the eighties before migrating to Australia where they have toured extensively performing to sell out audiences. Before leaving Ireland, Dave and Trish had performed in many of Dublin’s renowned music venues. The first song they co-wrote ‘Vision of Glory’ received airplay on RTE radio which led on to a live performance of another original song ‘Running Out’ on the RTE ‘Davis at Large’ TV show. Due to this performance Trish and Dave were asked to appear in an episode of the TV mini series ‘Inside’ acting as a couple of musicians! 

Their contemporary, eclectic songs brought swift success after arrival to Australia with a support to the Little River Band followed by a memorable win on ‘New Faces’. The release of Sahara’s debut CD ‘Vision’ brought Sahara global attention after their song ‘Make My Day’ shot to No.1 on the SoundClick first internet music charts. Staying at No.1 for four consecutive weeks resulted in Sahara being interviewed on the ABC TV evening news Australia wide.

More songs from this album made various charts around the world which led to Sahara recording a video of their concert at the Malthouse Theatre Melbourne. Due to it’s popularity this video was webcast on several occasions from the Celtic TV New York website which led Sahara to releases their live album ‘Sahara Live @ The Malthouse’ taken from the video soundtrack. This was followed by years of touring around Australia performing concerts from Art Centres to Festivals. A collection of songs written on the road were then recorded by Trish and Dave for their next album called 'A New Beginning' which recently they brought back in to the studio to re-record and re-release.

Sahara composed an original soundtrack for an episode of the ABC Australian Story documentary series which received the United Nations Media Peace Award. Sahara has spent years on tour performing in theatres, art centres, festivals, hotels and clubs around Australia as well as major private functions. Sahara has also performed ‘live to air’ on the ABC radio network, commercial and community radio stations, as well as appearing on several TV shows. 

The last CD released by Sahara was their studio recording 'There is this place I go' which is receiving global airplay along with great reviews. These albums are receiving critical acclaim and high ratings in major publications. Trish and Dave are now in the studio mixing their next CD for release in 2014.

“I have to say check this album out - it’s a stunner! It’s called ‘A New Beginning’ ....it’s one of those albums that you can revisit time and time again…” Mark Williams ‘New Traditions’ The Bridge 102.5 UK

“…Sweetness, pain, laughter: these are emotions that surround A New Beginning. ....I found them totally uplifting and beautiful. The production is superb. A must have for those who love genre bending music that exudes warmth and elegance“. Baxter Labatos The Celtic Music Fan 

"They've got a fantastic album...great voices aren't they....Fantastic! 'The Irish Connection with John Lowry' WFM UK

"Your music is Beautiful" Mae 'Music Uncovered' KLAV 1230 AM Las Vegas USA

Reviews for 'There is this place I go'

“First class production...smooth, seamless and satisfying, Sahara’s music goes down real easy, like ice cream on a hot summer day”. IndieMusicReview Germany

“a hauntingly ethereal, yet melodic and contemporary ambiance. Easy listening overall, yet pop enough to appeal to a wide audience”67 Music USA

“A worthy addition to almost any collection, Warm, rich, easy to listen to with shades of jazz, blues, soul, gospel, rock all there. I heard the title track and just clicked with it and wasn't disappointed with the rest of the album. Great voices and harmonies, fabulous sax. What's not to like?” Stuarte Amazon UK

“There is so much compelling music on this particular CD” Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey USA

"They've got a brilliant album out called 'There is this place I go'" Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show Northern Ireland

“Sahara have a specialty that few artists have, and is to capture the listener being practically overwhelmed by a beautiful set of emotions…if you seek quality, professionalism, experience…all this has a name…Sahara” Angelo Petruzzi CEO Smooth Jazz Radio Channel Italy

“Sahara are a tight duo originally from Dublin and now based in Australia. Their mellow, Celtic sound is chilled and atmospheric.” Nick Thomas Radio Presenter Radio Jackie UK

Reviews for 'Vision'

"For singer guitarist Dave Long and singer-saxophonist-flautist Trish, their inspirational music, a tidy blend of folk, rock and soul is a celebration of hope, dreams and love.... the duo are now busy performing the breezy,somewhat Doobie Brothers-ish Make My Day, the deeply atmospheric Vision of Glory and sprightly Lets Try Peace at various venues.... Sahara maintain an occasional New Age sense of awe through the use of synth and wind instruments and a healthy litany of enthusiastic calls and responses between the spirited singers" The Age Melbourne 

“Dave and Trish from Sahara originated from Dublin but now call Australia home enlightening Aussies with a special brand of music taking inspiration from both music within the Northern and the Southern hemispheres. Sahara is what I call "organic music", with earthly aural tones of honesty, beauty, driving a very Celtic feel within all tunes on Vision. Dave has an almost eerie "Sting" feel to his vocals, whilst Trish's singing is very akin to the very popular and respected Ellen Foley. This is a great CD for an empowering efficacious effect with each and every listen.” Late Nite TV USA 

"Sahara's album is a good example of music with meaning… this album is one worth adding to your collection." The Border Mail

" Bright optimism jumps right out of this disc…The Floyd - esque Vision Of Glory is an emotive, haunting refrain from the jumping main vein, which relies on a high vibe..The Advertiser Adelaide

"… Of course this CD would not be complete without an Irish Tune and Sahara indulges our senses with "Tears", one of the highlights of the album. It is a soft, murmuring instrumental that will take you to far away Celtic lands. Overall the final result is certainly worth listening to....".The Planet Newspaper

"... an interesting mix of music...from songs brimming with energy and passionate vocals to touching instrumentals such as the celtic "Tears, A unique blend of rock, folk, jazz and classical make "Vision" a must for Irish music lovers"Leader Newspaper Group

Reviews for 'Sahara Live @ The Malthouse' CD

"a fervently Irish flavour but the soulfulness is universal" The West Australian

"Dave's rock vocals are tremendous with Trish's sexy jazzy voice combines to give this album a superb vocal line which pleases the ear and soothes the mind. This all adds to the exceptional instrumental talents, which are shown throughout the album. The sax playing is to die for and if this album doesn't get your feet tapping you must be stone deaf or dead" Irish Bands Live UK

"Sometimes the best things come along when you least expect it. The spontaneous live feel of the CD is an asset and the duo's range which skims jazz, pop, ballads and Celtic ensures a wide listening variety. The depth of sound is impressive, particularly when you realise it is the work of just two people. Tracks include the jazzy Deja Vu, the Celtic ballad Celtic Love Poem, and an ode to the Irish pair's adopted home city, called Livin' in Melbourne" The Bendigo Advertiser

Press Quotes

“One of the great success stories of the Australian music scene…with musicianship that has been distilled by time and space, you are an audience to the best duo in this music category. Dave Long has one of the rare gorgeous male vocals in the tradition of Sting and Steve Winwood… I’m sure no one would question Trish long’s expertise with the sax and other instruments apart from the fact that she has a voice that could rival Celine Dion’s yet has the Irish gorgeousness” The Celtic Music Fan 

Sahara is:

Trish Long: Vocals, Sax, Flute, Flageolet, Recorder & Synth

Dave Long: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards & Synth



All compositions © 2014 Sahara Music. All artwork © 2014 Sahara Music
www.saharamusic.com.au    info@saharamusic.com.au


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