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Genres: Rock
Location: severn

Bradley Kimes(Drummer/Singer/Songwriter/Producer) has been providing world class Live and Studio Drum performances all over the United States of America and Canada for the last twenty five years. Located in the Mid-Atlantic Region Bradley Kimes has worked with Producers, David Huff(Giant) , Multi-Gold and Platinum Producer Jim Ebert(Everything,Cowboy Mouth)  As well as working with many Artists directly. Currently Bradley has been working on writing,recording,and producing his own song catalog in between supporting other Artists and Bands. Over the years Brad has built a large collection of songs and to now, be able to record and produce and work on releasing this material is proving to be a redefining experience. After a life changing Apocolypse came through my life in the form of a bitter divorce and finding out my Son was stuggling with and addicted to heroin,you have to face some pretty hard truths in your life.Bradley not being one to give up took the time to self reflect and go within to find out where he comes out on the other side,So far he has come back stronger than ever,having a spiritual awakening can come in many different forms. The process of healing and redefing ones self is not a simple fix,but Love, music and meditation have become the constant in Bradley`s life."It never lets me down,it`s always there for me. Whether I`m writing,playing,producing,listening,or learning,making music drives me,no one ever has to remind me to go to work! Listeners can always smell disingenious stuff,and I`ve made the commitment to let you into my music world! I can only hope that people will enjoy and feel what I`ve work so very hard to bring out of myself.

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