Paris Jones

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  • You Like Me

  • Summer

  • In My Head

  • It Really Happened

  • You Like Me

  • Winter

  • You Like Me

  • Sallie's Tattoo (Miguel)

  • Matrix

  • You Like Me



Genres: Hip Hop/Rap,Instrumental,Electronic,Indo Pop,Rap,Rhythm & Blues
Location: Los Angeles

About Paris Jones:

Dressed in whatever fits his feelings instead of what’s in, eclectic and new-age, hip hop rapper, Paris

Jones, takes the overlooked, often chaotic and instability of young black America into sound frequencies

he’s generated from years of experiencing what Tupac rapped about. Artist, songwriter, and producer,

Jones, as a creative, considers himself a child of the spark Pac’ created within society. The innovation

behind Paris’ vision and lyrics, “pure feeling and pure emotion.”

From Palmdale, California, Patrick Campbell, 22, began dabbling in music before he was even a teen.

After going to School in Virginia, Campbell, simply known as P.J. back then, met his current

management team and began solidifying his career through music instead of sports.

Whether playing the drums or discovering his next song singing in the shower, Jones’ method to his

lyrical madness is, simply put, staying clean. Writing nearly all songs in the shower to the extent of

creating show ideas and video concepts, here Jones finds his inspiration flows like water. However,

Jones’ musing of staying clean goes deeper than just the surface area of things, in which most are used


With a refreshingly different way of thinking, Jones likes to disrupt the mediocre and common. His

purpose: “Facilitate change, create a new group of leaders, and take them into a new realm of thinking

through his artistry.“ Pulling off his headphones clamoring Mad Mix Mustang Mash-ups long enough to

explain his name, Jones’ sometimes oxymoron of a quiet demeanor speaks elevation, which his music

also represents. “Paris is for the finer things. People have joneses for shoes, etc. I have a Jones for living

above the mediocre lives most are expected to just accept and live.”

Works Include:

“J.A.P.A.N. 2 Paris” released 2009

“From Paris with Love” released 2010

“The Black Hour EP” released 2011

“You’re Invited (to the Assassination of Patrick Campbell)” released 2013

“January – April” EP’s released 2014

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