Genres: Progressive

Location: Debrecen, Hungary

Android was established around the Fall of 1980, in Debrecen, Hungary. Founding members: Dudás János lead guitar, Székelyhidi László bass guitar, TÅ‘zsér József and Milesz Sándor keyboards as well as MezÅ‘ Orbán, drums. The group is playing symphonic/neoprog rock, somtimes long instrumental pieces, like Apocrif, XVIth Century, Waves of Desire. Furthermore, many songs with lyrics were inspired by literary experiences, like Midnight Ball (based on Mikhail Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita), Judas (based on Robert Graves: King Jesus). After some breaks,  in 2008 the group reunited again, while Székelyhidi was replaced by Sándor Pocsai as bass guitarist. The group debuted very successfully at the Budapest Papp László Sports Arena in September of 2008 in front of about 6000 people, at a private company gathering. In May 2009 the “East of Eden” album is released on CD. In 2011 They have released the "Midnght Ball" album. In 2014 bass player/singer Nikolin Zoltán joiined the band, The music of Android is rather unique, it combines the classic progressive rock with New age, jazz, and folkloric song motifs. It is predominantly for those who have grown up on the music of SBB, Fermata, Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, Mike Oldfield, Tomita and Kitaro and who like complex rock music.


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